Athletic Youth Ministry Icebreaker Games

These youth christian icebreakers activities are simple but entertaining. They all test the “athletic ability” of your group participants. Those who don’t like actively participating still have a lot of fun cheering and rooting on the others.


 1. Get a teen’s plastic wading pool and drop a few bags of ice in it. Put a few smooth rocks or marbles in the pool. (10-20 should do.). This first game is to have different teams fish out six rocks or marbles with their bare toes. Be Prepared, there will probably be a few screams with this one! Having some towels ready is a good idea for drying off as well as warming up those cold footies.

How’s that for a “Real Icebreaker”!   :lol:

2. Open up your meeting by bringing some of the teens (about four would be great) up front and giving each of them an ice cube. Immediately set a stopwatch going and give each of them one minute to melt the ice cube as best they can. No blowing on it and no putting it to the body – only hand squeezing and hand rolling are allowed. Find out the real “tough” types in your group as they endure freezing temperatures in order to win.



Obtain an exercise hand-gripper – the kind that has the big spring in the middle, where you must bring both handles together under resistance.

 Divide the room up into teams.

 Your opening challenge between teams is to have a representative come up and see how long they can hold the two handles together with only one hand squeezing. Only one hand holds it, and both ends of the handle must stay together!

 Have a girls’ division and a guys’ division. The usual length of time holding the handles together is about 30 seconds for girls, about a minute for guys. Have a time-keeper/judge standing next to them, registering the length of time.

To add to the contest, give regular announcements as the contestant stands there, gritting their teeth and trying to hold those handles together. Have the top three in each division win “Three Musketeers” bars for being a “true Musketeer.” Also award their team some points.

 This may seem overly simple, but be sure to take a camera shot of the guy who is grimacing, trying to hold those the ends of the gripper together for the last few seconds. It will be “priceless”. You’ll be sure to get rooting and cheering from the audience as well.



 This is a simple but fun icebreaker game..  :razz:

 Pick two fairly athletic and/or skilled teens to compete against the clock. Bring them to the front of the room as you open up the night. Encourage those not participating to cheer for their favorite

Put one teen behind a line of tape stretched across the floor, with a bowl full of grapes. The other teen is five feet away, behind a second stretch of tape with a funnel in his mouth.

 When you say “go”,

 the throwing teen will try to toss grapes into the funnel of the catching teen. Remember, the funnel stays in the mouth of the teen and no hands are allowed to help!

 The time limit is one minute.

 As soon as one catch is made, the referee pulls out the grape and puts it aside, counting the catch as a score…this helps keep the funnel clear for the next catch.

 Have about three teams compete in this funny competition.

 For added fun, keep the grapes in the funnel as the minute continues. It’s great fun trying to see the teen balance five or six grapes in the funnel while trying to catch another one!

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  1. maybe you can do one like me and have the kids lock arms and two people pull them as if god and the devil were pulling them

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