Energetic Christian Icebreakers Activities for Youth Ministry

Try these Energetic Icebreakers to get your youth group going.  They each require some physical activity which will help burn up some energy. :smile:

 “PAPER CLIP LINK UP” Icebreaker

 This icebreaker starts as the teens first enter the room for the evening, well before the announcements or anything.  You will need a lot of paper clips for this opener; so be ready.

 Each teen gets ten paper clips, and the idea is to get other teens to join up and create the largest ring of paper clips in the group.  If you have a large teen group, ten clips will be okay.  If you have a smaller group, twenty or thirty would be great. 

The teens must try to persuade others to join their growing ring.  At the very beginning, though, tell the first three teens that they can not connect with each other.  Therefore, the beginning icebreaker is to see how the growing groups persuade the newcomers to join up with them.

 The new teens may give all ten clips to one team, or “compromise” and split their clips among the groups.  After this icebreaker, you can talk about the temptations of the world and the compromises some people make. 



 This fun icebreaker will really get the group’s energy flowing! I may not seem to make any sense but the teens love it.

 Here’s how to get started:

 The whole group of teens will assemble in a circle with each person clasping a hand of someone different. (In other words, they will be holding one person’s hand with their left hand and someone else’s with their right hand) IMPORTANT! It cannot be the person next to them.

 Now that they are in a complete jumble, blow the whistle and give them one minute to get untangled without letting go of each other’s hands. There is no prize, but the mayhem is a lot of fun to watch. :grin:



 Tie a marshmallow to the middle of a five-foot string. Make about seven sets of these “Marshmallow Stringlines.”

  1.  Assemble teams of two at the front of the room. Each pair will be competing against each other. Have each couple stand facing each other about two feet apart. Make sure the string is slack and the marshmallow is resting on a table or stand.
  2. Inform both members of the team that they are to put the free end of the string into their mouth. They are to keep their hands behind their back and not touch the string at all. At the sound of the referee’s whistle, the persons at each end of the string must chew the string, getting as much as possible into their mouth and working towards the marshmallow in the middle.

The time limit is 60 seconds.

 This contest is a sort of “tug of war” to see who can get to the middle object first. The facial expressions are great , but the best part is when somebody cracks up and spits out about a foot of string they worked so hard to tug.

 After 60 seconds, see who is closer to the marshmallow and determine the winner.  You can award a small prize like a candy bar to each winner.

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  1. Interesting icebreakers for youth. I have honestly never heard of any of these games. They are truly unique.

  2. Cool 😛 Radical 4 Jesus “heavens Solja” on YouTube

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