Christian Women’s Retreat Icebreaker Games

Here’s some great icebreaker games to spark conversation during your next’s Christian Women’s Retreat.

“We Are Similar” Icebreaker Game

Before the meeting, write the following sentence across the top of a dry erase board, chalk board or large sheet of paper:

“______ and I are similar because we…”

Then list a few of following sample similarities below the sentence:

  • Are from the same home state
  • Laugh the same way
  • Like the same book or type of books
  • Drive the same type of vehicle
  • Have the same favorite color
  • Like the same dessert
  • Have the same color of eyes
  • Wear the same style of shoes
  • Have the same number of siblings
  • Have been married the same number of years
  • Have the same hobby
  • Have the same middle initial
  • Have the same number of children (including zero)
  • Work at the same type of job
  • Have children the same ages
  • Like the same kind of sandwich

As the ladies enter, give each person an index card and a pencil. When everyone has arrived, say: “Choose a person you do not know well, and write on your card that person’s first name and at least five similarities you share. I’ve listed sample similarities on this poster, but you aren’t limited just these.”

Allow people five minutes to complete their lists and to chat with their partners. Then say: “Now find someone else you do not know well and use the other side of your card to repeat the process with that person. “

After another five minutes, ask people to introduce their two partners by name and to list their similarities. In this way, the group will hear from two different perspective views (Ten things about each person).


 Women Church Group “Toilet Paper” Icebreaker.

Have everyone sit in a circle or if you have a large group make several circles.  Pass around a roll of toilet paper, and tell everyone that is the only toilet paper in the place, and to tear off what they will want to use!

Once the roll has made it all the way around, start with the first lady in the circle and ask her to tell one thing about herself for each square of toilet paper she tore off!

Go around the entire circle.

What’s really fun is when they take you seriously about that being the only toilet roll available. You’ll have ladies wrapping the stuff around their hand and hiding it in their purses! :lol: :lol: :lol:


“If I Were Queen Of The WORLD…” Icebreaker

 As the ladies come in, hand them a 3 x 5 card, telling them to put down five laws they would enact if they were made “Queen of the World” tomorrow. Tell them to remember that when they write these laws, everyone will be required to obey them. You will start a lot of laughter or invite interesting discussion when you gather these up and read them aloud.

 Answers may vary from: “Pornographers will be put to death”, “No abortion allowed” and “Drunk Drivers should be jailed for life” to “People who snore should be shot.”

 After you have read the cards, you may want to have a brief discussion on the importance of following the right rules: God’s Word.

21 Responses to “Christian Women’s Retreat Icebreaker Games”

  1. I found this so helpful. I am doing the social portion of our women’s retreat this sept. and the ladies on my committee are stumped for ideas. this seems like it will be fun. I especially like the toilet ppr game and “we are similar” ice breaker. this was a huge help.!

  2. I’m heading our ladies retreat and will use the toilet paper icebreaker.

  3. Thanks for your ideas!

  4. So glad to get the ideas from here, from other sisters. will go get the cards and tp! Blessings

  5. I am planning a retreat for a combine women’s ministry retreat in a station outside the capital city of papua new guinea at the end of the month, and the tp icebreaker will be used. i am sure the women will enjoy this very much.

  6. I have used these ice breakers, I need some new ones. OUr theme is God’s Allstar Team and I need games concerning teams.

  7. I am the ladies group leader and am opening our 1st meeting for 2010 and the ice-breakers are really good and i am sure will be enjoyed by all

    thank you!!!

  8. This will be our sister’s first get-to-gether for the Spring.
    The “toilet paper” will be our first Ice Breaker.
    Thanks, so much for the idea. : :smile:

  9. next month i am leading to ‘ladies nite’ in our church
    and will use ‘if i were queen of the world’,i am sure the ladies will enjoy it.
    thanks for the ideas

  10. we’re about to do our first( with the new directive) ever meeting this friday
    and i’m thrilled to try the ” F i were a queen ”
    surely everyone will have fun…

    thanks and ?God bless, you Guys!
    😛 :mrgreen: 😆


  12. 😮 this game was great i love GOD’S word it’s so powerful

  13. We are planning a retreat for early 2011 and can’t wait to use some of this ideas – thanks so much!
    Thanks so much for all the tips.
    GCI – Cape Town

  14. I am planning our second annual women’s Christmas Tea in Vámospércs, Hungary, and I really like the WE ARE SIMILAR game. I think the ladies will enjoy it. Thanks for the idea. Leslie

  15. Thanks for posting the information. It has been a good launchpad for our Women Ministry activities.

  16. Great icebreaker ideas. Was doing a search to see what types of ideas are out there and came across your blog. Very nice and gives me some ideas and starting points for creating some new ones of my own. God bless!

  17. 😮 😆 😀
    We’ll be trying both games this year(2011) Thank you for the awesome ideas!! God, you are in control, please help these ladies come up with more games to share, these are great!
    Thank You,
    sister in Christ

  18. I am doing the icebreakers this year for our retreat, we have done the “If I were a queen”, and the “we are similar” games, and they were awesome. I am looking forward to trying the toilet paper game this year.

  19. If I were Queen for a Day, is horrible to consider that the message is christianity and love for God’s people. Jesus died for our sins and is ever standing by to forgive all who seek his mercy. To allow someone to voice a strong opinion is to in fact let them be holier than thou for a day. We are meant to embrace our fellow man or women and not stand in judgement. For some this step is a mountain to climb while others may see it as deepening their faith, we are one in the same and deserve dignity and respect for what ever journey we have been on or imbark on taking.

  20. Thank you for some great ideas for our church’s spring women’s retreat! We do host ladies from other churches that not all of us know and these “icebreakers” will really help us get started on our “journey”!!

  21. :smile: thank you

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