Christian Icebreakers For Holidays and Special Occasions

Below are some Christian Icebreaker Activities for Holidays to get everyone laughing at the beginning of your assembly.  Give them a try and have some FUN!


  •  Hollow out some eggs – real eggs, not the plastic ones.
  • Insert a blessing that God has given your group this past year (i.e. “someone accepting Christ”, “the spiritual growth of the group”, “improved group attendance”) and insert it into the egg through the top hole of the egg on a fortune-cookie-size slip.

  • At the beginning, call up different persons to “break open” the Easter Eggs and read the blessing.
  • At the end,  either you or someone else leads the group in a prayer of thanksgiving.

  Now, that’s a  special  beginning for your meeting!



 Here’s a good icebreaker to try at the beginning of the New Year.  It works well with any age group.

 As the group walks into your meeting, give each of them a 3″ x 5″ card and a pencil or pen. Don’t give them the reason just yet, but just tell them to write down at least three New Year’s “resolutions” – or goals, or whatever you want to call them. Make sure they put their names on it.

 After your opening scripture reading and prayer, read about five or so of the best cards and have the group try to guess who the people are.

 Some of the answers may be pretty funny, and some may be thought-provoking.


Mother’s or Father’s Day Icebreaker

 This simple Church Group Icebreaker will crack up the youth as well as drawing attention to Parents as the Theme of the meeting. :lol:

Have the youth put down three facts about their parents that many people don’t know. Some of the facts could be their parents’ middle names, their nicknames for each other, Dad’s favorite radio station or Mom’s favorite hobby, the funniest thing they ever did… get the idea.

 Have the youth put their names on the bottom of the page and hand the page in, folded down. The rest of the teens are going to try to figure out who is it. The one that fools the most people the longest time wins the prize.

 Give a fun prize:

  • 1 lb. Hershey Bar or
  • A 2 Liter of Coke or
  • Movie Tickets or
  • Small giftcard (Wal-Mart??)

 You may need more than one prize depending on your group size.

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