Athletic Youth Ministry Icebreaker Games

These youth christian icebreakers activities are simple but entertaining. They all test the “athletic ability” of your group participants. Those who don’t like actively participating still have a lot of fun cheering and rooting on the others.


 1. Get a teen’s plastic wading pool and drop a few bags of ice in it. Put a few smooth rocks or marbles in the pool. (10-20 should do.). This first game is to have different teams fish out six rocks or marbles with their bare toes. [Read The Rest →]

Energetic Christian Icebreakers Activities for Youth Ministry

Try these Energetic Icebreakers to get your youth group going.  They each require some physical activity which will help burn up some energy. :smile:

 “PAPER CLIP LINK UP” Icebreaker

 This icebreaker starts as the teens first enter the room for the evening, well before the announcements or anything.  You will need a lot of paper clips for this opener; so be ready.

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Christian Women’s Retreat Icebreaker Games

Here’s some great icebreaker games to spark conversation during your next’s Christian Women’s Retreat.

“We Are Similar” Icebreaker Game

Before the meeting, write the following sentence across the top of a dry erase board, chalk board or large sheet of paper:

“______ and I are similar because we…”

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